What Is Diginomics?

Diginomics is the scientific and metaphysical study of numerical law. It is an understanding which allows society to be governed by digital calculation. It is the most practical and timeless form of law known – born from the language of the universe: mathematics.

The English suffix “-nomics” is derived from the Greek term “νόμος” (“law”). The fields ending with “-nomics” thus, mean “law of” whatever the prefix is. The term “digi” is the root word of “digitus“ which describes a system for producing and recording numerical information. Therefore, in our estimation, the term “diginomics” literally translates to “law from number” – a concept which has been understood by past civilizations yet lost unto current generations. Even so, with computer technologies evolving to encompass an ever-greater portion of societal functions, it is clear this form of law is re-emerging. No longer is man-made, judicial legislation the preeminent form of authority it once was. Our society is rapidly moving to the law based on mathematical code, brought forth by the pervasiveness and omnipotence of digital technologies.

This development towards a totally digitized society is what we call diginomics.

This is the field of research we study.

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