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Title: Looking For Forum Moderators
Post by: Travis Patron on March 02, 2016, 09:58:13 PM
Welcome everyone to the forum!

What we strive to provide here is an outlet for conversation around the emerging digital economy. We can use this forum to share information and ideas with other people who have similar interests and, although we are still early, our membership is indeed growing.

On another note, we are actively looking for moderators to help this forum succeed. If you have experience preventing spam from webs services, moderating constructive conversation, and attracting new members through online marketing and promotions, then you may be a good fit for a moderator position. We fully intend on growing the Diginomics brand and to be granted an early designation as a moderator could be a great opportunity to help the community grow.

Feel free to share any thoughts, articles, questions or more on the digital economy!

Interested In Being A Moderator?

We are currently looking for 1 - 3 users to serve as forum moderators. Essentially, this position would be in charge of keeping the forum growing and in good condition. This includes removing spam, making should users are following forum guidelines, using outreach and online marketing to grow our userbase. Overall, the moderator position is for those who have demonstrated professionalism and are intent on seeing this forum succeed.

SEO and search engine marketing to bring new users in directly from search results would be a huge boom for the growth of this forum and something we are seeking.

In order to be considered for a moderator position, the following must be achieved:

In the future, there is a good chance this will be a paid position. As of now however, one of our biggest focuses will be on growing this forum. Consider this opening for a moderator position a chance to get involved with a growing brand and publication that will continue to attract a sizable audience in the months and years ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to read.