Author Topic: Combining Email, PGP, and the Blockchain  (Read 848 times)

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Combining Email, PGP, and the Blockchain
« on: February 02, 2015, 01:35:48 PM »
The Royal Fork has been working on a project to combine the promises of bitcoin blockchain technology with PGP email encryption. This type of application has profound benefits over our current system in that it is entirely more secure because it works over the already well established standard of PGP message encryption which was developed in the 90s. It also brings the ability to reduce or even eliminate spam by charging microtransactions for every email send then refunding said transaction when the email is open. The only type of consumer this would be impractical for is spammers.

Here is an except from their article:

Because email encryption has been on the minds of many during the past year and a half, and GPG has recently released a ďmodernĒ version of their email encryption software supporting elliptic curve cryptography, I thought it would be fun to combine PGP encrypted email with the bitcoin blockchain.

A couple things which I think are cool about this idea:

Public key exchange has been the achilles heel of many decentralized communications systems. Using the bitcoin blockchain as a decentralized public key server largely solves this problem (and itís completely invisible to end users).
Btc-PGP combines payment and messaging into a single communications channel. This could simplify marketplaces; a single email/transaction could order a product, specify a shipping address, include payment, and serve as itís own receipt.
Email could be sent with micropayments in an attempt to fight spam. Everyone who messages you must pay $.05. When replying, you send the micropayment backÖ.or something like that (yes, Iím aware that fighting spam is hard).

Check it out here.