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Wirex combines the speed and flexibility of blockchain finance with the acceptance of traditional currency in one account.
Welcome to the best of both worlds.


Wirex’s predecessor E-Coin was one of the first startups to offer the Bitcoin community
a secure and easy structure to spend bitcoins using a Visa and MasterCard-linked debit card.
In its first year, E-Coin gained 100,000 users, issued 15,000 bitcoin debit cards, and processed
$2 million in monthly transactions. E-Coin received backing from 99 investors, with a total
fundraised amount of almost $200,000 through Bnk To The Future, an online investment platform
for financial innovations.

Wirex is designed as an easy entry point to utilise blockchain-based finance for the global community.
It addresses the public demand for mobile, cloud-based, and borderless financial services that are ignored
by traditional banks and other financial institutions.

The Wirex platform offers global banking services, with no need for users to travel to physical locations or
fill out monotonous forms. The Wirex app seamlessly integrates bitcoin debit card function, remittance services,
and mobile banking all in one.
With just an Internet-accessible smartphone and a Wirex debit card, you can
complete almost all of your daily financial transactions with just a few taps and swipes. For peace of mind,
Wirex utilises the highest digital security measures available and ensures all funds are protected by XL Group,
one of the world’s biggest insurance providers.

The improved bitcoin debit card can be preloaded with traditional currencies (USD, GBP, EUR). Choose between
a virtual or plastic debit card.
The former can be issued instantly without any ID, allowing quick online purchases,
while the latter can be used at millions of shops and ATMs worldwide.

Try Wirex’s remittance service, with significantly improved transfer time. Sending funds to family, friends and
businesses now takes just a few seconds with the BitGo Instant feature. Unlike other traditional remittance
services, Wirex can be used 24/7 and can be integrated with PayPal, Amazon and Skrill, for wider financial applicability.

The Wirex app makes mobile banking with bitcoin and fiat currencies easy.

Break away from the desktop and enjoy the flexibility to use bitcoin wherever you are.
Using the Wirex app, you can perform bitcoins transactions, transfer money by just entering a recipient’s email address,
load funds on debit cards for instant use while on the go, perform 1-touch conversion between bitcoin and USD, EURO,
and GBP, as well as perform other user-intuitive functions. 

Our global team at Wirex is available to address any concerns and issues you might have.
We pride ourselves on fast response time and comprehensive, easy-to-navigate Help section.

Wirex services are available to all legal adults (>18 years old) in 130+ countries. Currently, due to complex
financial regulations, we are not able to send plastic debit cards to some countries including the United States
and India. We will continue to provide updates as these countries become available.

Virtual Wirex cards can be issued instantly. Receive card number, expiry date and
CVV number right into your Wirex-linked inbox.

Plastic Wirex cards can be delivered to more than 130 countries around the world. Delivery time ranges from
a few days (Europe) to a few weeks (distant regions). Expedited and registered delivery is possible with
additional charges.


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We are now hiring. We are in need of translators, regional marketers and community managers.

Please apply if you are serious and you feel you can add value to the Wirex team.